“Me In Three”

I recently saw a fun thing on social media where people pick three fictional characters to represent themselves.

If I were to choose three characters to represent me I would have to choose

Rapunzel from Tangled, Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus and Leslie Knope from the show Parks and Recreation.

I am like Rapunzel in that I am enthusiastic and I love to sing. I also have very long magical blonde hair.

I am like Ms. Frizzle in that I love science and want to show my students just how exciting learning can be.

I am like Leslie in that I am a go-getter. I love to work hard and share my passion with the world. I also love waffles just like she does!

(This post would be so much better with pictures of these amazing characters but I’m not sure how to find open source ones that I can put on my blog!)


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