Nature Field Guide

I am so incredibly excited to lead the incoming UOTeach grad students on a field trip!

The resulting culmination of work will be a student created field guide based on local plants from the Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene, Oregon.

A Natural Integration (Article)

The above article is a resource I used when creating my lesson plan. It discusses combining science and writing for a seamless multi-subject unit! Since science is not a part of the Common Core State Standards it is so important to integrate science instruction with standards from other subjects. Writing is a natural subject to blend with science.

Science is my favorite subject and I intend to teach it often in my class. Aligning science lessons with CCSS (Common Core) writing standards can help make your science lessons more “relevant” in the eyes of families and administration as it promotes the skills that students are expected to acquire at different developmental stages. Teaching is far more than hitting benchmarks but making sure you touch on the standards in as many lessons as possible is imperative!

It is amazing to see what students are able to create.

This field guide will be an awesome resource!


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